Q: What is your delivery area?
A: We delivery anywhere in Tennessee accessible by UPS shipping routes.

Q: Do you ever deliver outside of your normal delivery area?
A: Unfortunately we don't at the moment. If you're interested in Carrot Krate and live outside of our delivery area, please contact us.

Q: Is this like a Tennessee CSA?
A: The products we sell are similar to what you would find in any CSA around Tennessee. The difference is our ordering process. We allow you to choose what you want, in the quantities you want.

Q: Is everything you offer organically grown?
A: Although not everything is USDA certified, we ensure everything is grown using natural and clean methods. If you have any questions contact us or check our our supplier page!

Q: Is there any kind of short or long term commitment?
A: Absolutely not! You can cancel your account at any time.

Q: How early can I order?
A: You can order up to a week ahead of time.

Q: How late can I order?
A: All orders placed before 5pm will be on a two day delivery schedule. Anything later will default to the following day.

Q: Do you deliver to the workplace?
A: Yes we do!

Q: What is your shipping method?
A: We ship using UPS.