Our Suppliers

We ask our favorite local farmers and suppliers to bring us their best. Then we bring it directly to you.

Nashville Grown

Nashville Grown
Nashville Grown is a local food hub, aggregating and distributing local food and farm products. We are building the local food economy. Most small farms lack the funds needed for refrigerated trucks, efficient cold storage, and other services like washing and packaging that most larger buyers demand. Restaurants and wholesale buyers can easily order online from dozens of local farms. They receive unlimited pounds of produce with one invoice and one delivery, simplifying life for the chefs and removing delivery hassles for the farmers.

Katharos Farm

A Simple Standard
Zero Chemicals. Mimic Nature.

Katharos Farm

The Parker and Horwath families came together in 2015 with a goal of setting a new standard in farming. One based completely on Purity (removing all chemicals), Stewardship (mimicking nature), and Transparency. From there, we've outlined what Going Beyond Organic should mean, shown below. While this seems like a simple and basic goal, rarely, if ever, do local farms follow them. Why? It costs more, takes more time, and creates more work. However, we believe there is no other way. 









Bloomsbury Farm

Smyrna, TN
From the Farm

Our farm is both GAP and Organic certified, a reflection of our commitment to bring the highest quality and healthiest goods to our local community. We produce the finest sprouts and wheatgrass in Tennessee using organic seed and growing methods. We have a commitment to sustainability, not only to the land, but to ourselves and to those around us. Every fruit and vegetable is grown with dedication, love, and good old–fashioned (and organic) Tennessee soil.  Our commitment is simple — to provide only the best.


Haulin' Oats



Haulin’ Oats® is the finest organic oatmeal blends on earth! Made in small batches weekly using premium sourced ingredients, our oatmeal flavors combine old fashioned rolled oats with a variety of plant based proteins, high quality fats, delicious dried fruits and unique spice blends to promote healthful eating on the run without sacrificing taste.


Grab the Gold

Grab the Gold
Whenever you support small businesses and local products, you strengthen the economy. Grab The Gold is proud to be a small business run with family values and integrity. Our core belief is that every person is a friend. Business should not be work. It may take up the better part of our weekdays so we should enjoy it by being relaxed, friendly, helpful, positive and productive.

We are located in Franklin, 15 miles south of Nashville, Tennessee. We are blessed and happy to live here within this generous and friendly community. So we proudly display the Department of Agriculture’s “Pick Tennessee” logo.


Taylor Family Farm

Taylor Family farm

Our journey to non-GMO feeds started when we looked into what we were feeding our family through our animals.  As we researched the feeds we were feeding, we noticed that almost everything was GMO.

After researching GMOs, we realized that GMOs do not support sustainable farming; they are bad for the environment and future generations. So we looked into buying non-GMO feeds in Tennessee. None could be found without paying a very expensive price for them; not including the shipping.

So John started researching and talking to farmer friends about making our own feed.

He then educated himself in how to mix the ingredients to provide the proper nutrition for each animal. We began feeding our feed to our meat birds and were very satisfied with the outcome. Not only is the feed fresher than what you buy at your local farm supply, it’s totally non-GMO, therefore making it healthier for you and your animals.


green door gourmet

"We are a 350 acre USDA certified organic farm, on-farm market, and agritourism destination in Nashville, Tennessee. Nestled along the Cumberland River, our farm is just minutes from downtown, Green Hills, and the West End corridor! We grow a wide variety of fruits, flowers, vegetables and herbs."



We believe that being a good steward of the environment, in our communities, and being an efficient and profitable business are not mutually exclusive. They are one and the same. It’s not just about being green for green’s sake–It’s about doing things in a smarter way that ultimately benefits the customers we serve and the communities in which we live and work.

Our customers are caring more and more about where their food is coming from and who is producing it. FreshPoint is an advocate sponsor of our local communities and farms. We understand that buying local produce strengthens our regional economies, helps support family farms, and provides delicious fresh from the field foods to our customers.

FreshPoint’s vision and integrity have helped shape and preserve the local landscape. We are committed to supporting local produce delivery.


Delvin farms

"We strive to be good stewards of this land, so that this generation and future generations of consumers may continue to be nourished by the healthy food that we produce.  Not only will future generations of consumers benefit, but future generations of Delvin Farms will learn to love the land and care for it in the same manner.  Our little Ryder, Charlotte, Benjamin and Adam will learn from example, and continue to respect and love the land just as their parents and grandparents do today."


Tennessee grass fed farm

"To paraphrase an ancient Indian proverb, “The land is not a gift from our parents but a loan from our children.” By that wise measure, the current borrowers are Phil and Kathy Baggett. Phil grew up on the farm and graduated from The University of Tennessee majoring in Agricultural Economics. Like so many farm kids, he reluctantly left the farm. He has planned a return for many years.

His wife, Kathy, is an accountant who worked for Ernst & Whinney (now Ernst & Young) until their first child, Brittany, was born in 1984. Their second daughter, Brooke, was born in 1989.

Kathy and Phil’s goal is for the farm to support a healthful and enjoyable lifestyle while producing foods that are naturally delicious and nutritionally superior products for themselves, their children, and others. Being good stewards of our land and the cattle we are raising is essential to us. This philosophy makes sense from personal, environmental, and business standpoints. Our desire is to have our children (and theirs!) appreciate the land and our proud heritage."


The Old School Nashville

More than just a trend, our "farm-to-table" concept not only offers food that is delicious, but also supports local farmers and encourages sustainability and bio-dynamic agriculture. In other words, not only will your taste buds be happy, but the environment will be too! The Old School Farm to Table prides itself on being an environmentally sustainable restaurant focused on food waste reduction. 



In our consumer economy, each purchase equals one vote. The evidence is in the changes we all witness when we walk into our local, major chain grocery stores. In 1994, we shopped at the grocery store and then drove to the health food store, which offered mostly vitamins and dry goods.  My Nashville family couldn't wait to stocked up on Wild Oats fresh, organic veggies whenever we visited family in Atlanta, GA. Now, health foods stores are called natural foods grocers and even Walmart, Publix and Kroger have organic sections.  This is because you and I changed our buying habits; the profit and loss impact on corporations stated clearly that "we don't want food substitutes".  We can feel good about this change, but we also need to be realistic about the glass half full.  Sue Bee Honey is marketed by a multi-billion dollar commercial beekeeping industry giant that provides "natural honey sweeteners" for the frozen and processed food corporations. Yes, honey is a natural sweetener, but we must delve deeper and realize that not all honey is equal and not all beekeeping methods benefit our bees.


Virgin Bay Seafood

The Virgin Bay Seafood family is dedicated to bringing fresh and wild Alaskan seafood to your table. Our sustainable fishing techniques allow us to provide the highest quality of nutritious seafood to your family and customers.

Virgin Bay Seafood employs sustainable fishing methods to provide the highest quality Wild Alaska Seafood to our customers. Virgin Bay Seafood delivers fresh Alaska seafood to the middle Tennessee area multiple times throughout the year when it is fresh and in season. We also maintain a cold storage facility in Tennessee and deliver fresh Alaska seafood throughout the year, including smoked fish, frozen fish and prepared foods like Salmon Sausage and Smoked Salmon.