Tennessee Organic Food Delivery vs Fresh Natural Vegetables

What’s the difference between Naturally Grown fruits & vegetables and the USDA National Organic Certification? In most cases it comes down to cost. The cost to a Tennessee farmer to become USDA organic certified prevents most small scale farms from being able to label their products as “Organic”. The USDA’s program is better suited to larger growers who can afford the fees and are able to hire enough staff to handle the paperwork required to stay USDA certified.

At Carrot Krate we only partner with local suppliers and growers that fall into one of these two categories. Under no circumstances do we ever source from growers who would not meet the regulations that the USDA checks for when certifying a farm as “Organic”. You can see our suppliers here. 

We give the option to choose where your food comes from. If you choose produce from our “Natural” categories they will be sourced from smaller scale local farms around Tennessee. Our USDA organic produce will come from our larger scale suppliers such as Bloomsbury Farms in Smyrna, Tennessee and Freshpoint in Nashville.

All of our suppliers provide the highest quality vegetable & meat products on the market with a significantly shorter time from farm to table than conventional groceries. Quality is our number one priority so you can be assured that you are getting the best of the best whether you choose our Naturally Grown or Organic produce.

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